Unclaimed Funds Could Be Answer to Financial Distress

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We all go through periods in our lives where we find our selves looking through coat pockets, purses and cars for money to carry us over until payday. When we are really desperate we go to the bank of last resort: under the couch cushions. For many of us there is a potentially more lucrative option to ease our financial distress: the unclaimed funds list. You may, on occasion, see lists of names in a local newspaper. Rather than wait for the lists to be published again or to see lists from other states, go to the site...

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Missing Money

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Sometimes money is missing because it isn’t where you remember putting it or it can also be because someone felt that they are entitled to your money and took it. In the case of unclaimed money, the person who the money belongs to may not even realize there is missing money that is sitting in an account waiting to be claimed. These funds can be from a variety of sources. Unclaimed Money Sources The most common way that money ends up missing is when someone passes away and they didn’t share their asset information with their family. They may...

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Finding Lost Money

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Finding lost money is always a great feeling especially when it is not missed to begin with. We all know the experience of reaching into a fresh pair of jeans still beaming of the heat when taken out of the dryer and reaching into your pocket to find a 20 dollar bill that was forgotten about. It can’t help but bring a smile to your day. There are plenty of opportunities out there to take advantage of as well. Some people have long forgotten about previous merchants, inheritances, and prior businesses that you or family members once had...

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