Finding Lost Money

Finding lost money is always a great feeling especially when it is not missed to begin with. We all know the experience of reaching into a fresh pair of jeans still beaming of the heat when taken out of the dryer and reaching into your pocket to find a 20 dollar bill that was forgotten about. It can’t help but bring a smile to your day.

There are plenty of opportunities out there to take advantage of as well. Some people have long forgotten about previous merchants, inheritances, and prior businesses that you or family members once had a relationship with and somehow broke the ties or connections to release money owed to you.

I once had the opportunity to take advantage of one of those sites offering to find lost money for you and I ended up being able to claim $900 that was owed to me. I had no idea, but it was evidently mine! I doubted the whole process until the check finally showed up in the mail and I held the check eagerly in my hands! Having not even cashed the check I was surfing on the internet to see what I could do to lose it again just as fast.

Upon researching the internet I have come across the fact that most of the money that is never claimed is held by the states and as you can probably guess the United States government will never open its resources to attempt to find and locate you to alert you to these funds – you have to do the research yourself. As of 2012 Yahoo Financing has claimed that there are over $32 billion dollars being held by the states alone. Granted a lot of these funds are provided to the government by banks, brokerage firms and several other financial organizations that have to release the funds to the states if they have no way of contacting you.

I recommend if you are interested in searching for any potential funds that you have that are owed to you. There are sites that do it for a fee if you don’t have the patience to look yourself – but it is fairly easy to do yourself as long as you invest a few minutes of your time. The most that can happen is you walk away with nothing – but then again it doesn’t cost you anything to do it yourself.

You are probably thinking to yourself there is nothing outstanding with your name on it you would be surprised – I went into the search after reading about it and thinking that there was NO WAY I would get anything and I ended up coming out $900 richer!

I recently tried it again and came up not so lucky this time – but it is always worth it to give it an attempt. Try it out yourself and you never know you may find out that you had a millionaire distant cousin that you never knew who left it for you and it is eagerly waiting for you to claim to it.

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