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Starting in the 1930′s, the United States put laws in place to help track unclaimed money and property as one of the first consumer protection programs for American citizens. Here is a description of what can happen with money that goes unclaimed and how money can be discovered and recovered.

What is it?

Unclaimed money and property are assets that people have either not been made aware of or have lost track of in life. It could stem from a lost relationship or be money and assets that are granted as an inheritance to a family member or friend.

What Qualifies as Lost Money and Assets?

Paychecks can be lost when jobs are changes. Those last checks can become lost when the following days around payday are filled with other plans. The former employee can forget to pick it up. The former employer that issued that last check might not have the accurate address to mail the check to the former employee.

Old checking or savings accounts can become lost when moves happen or new accounts are opened up. Insurance checks that someone might be unaware of can also be included in those assets. Utility reimbursements can even be included in that lost money.

How Does it Get Lost?

Unclaimed money and property can be lost in many ways. It could be money that a person knew they had. A person disaster can happen and cause the money or property to be left behind when things get complicated. Hospitalization can complicate things even further. When the drama is over the assets can still be retrieved if the person knows where to look and how to get it back.

It could also happen when someone has a lost loved one that dies. When a family member goes missing they might have a whole life that his or her family is completely unaware of. That can be fine until that person passes. When that happens the family needs to be reached. If there is no mention of family, then the state gets the money.

Another situation where this can happen is when someone is in a relationship that ends. The person might forget that they have listed that old relationship as the beneficiary. When they die that person is listed but not reachable. That person might be completely unaware that they are the sole beneficiary. It pays to search. Money can be found that is needed. Even if it isn’t, everyone loves to get free money.

Where to Look?

Thankfully, finding those assets are easily found through a free unclaimed money search that can be done at any time. This information can lead to unclaimed money or assets that people truly need in today’s world. It’s easy to do and can allow anyone to find the money that they need.

What the Law Says

By law, the company that owes the person money or any asset must return the money to the state if the rightful owner of the money or asset is lost and unreachable. The state can then make the attempt to reach the rightful owner. This is the point at which most money gets lost. That is the point at which anyone can look for the money that they have lost. Sites help with this and each state has a database that allows anyone to search for lost money and assets.

It’s simple too. Anyone can check in the areas where they have lived and worked. Lost money can be retrieved and assets can be found. It’s free to search and can be profitable when forgotten money is found.

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