Low Income Cell Phone Plans

The government and many cell phone companies contribute their time and money to making sure that people may have an equal opportunity to get an affordable and accessible basic cell phone and cell phone plan for those who have little to no income.

Starting in the 90′s with land-line phones, government assistance has helped more than 12 million people receive wireless ways of communication to low income families within the past couple of years. Cell phones and cell phone plans tend to be extremely expensive especially for people who can not afford the high monthly bills. Most plans are made so the individual receiving the plan may be able to make emergency calls or have set amount of hours or messaging they can use.

To qualify for cell phone plans for those who live in a low income setting, you may be eligible if you receive any government assistance such as food stamps, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) or are on a government assisted insurance plan. Other cell phone plans may help you based on your household size and household income. Some plans vary by state. What one individual may get in one state may not be the same in the other. An example of what phone companys or government assistance may help you with would be a discount on your phone bill as opposed to limiting your cell phones data and number of hours you may be able to use the phone daily from another available plan.

Plans also may include individuals such as the homeless, people in nursing homes or people living at a temporary address to be eligible for government assisted cell phone plans. Most plans also only qualify one line per household. The pros to qualifying for a cell phone plan in which your phone can be uploaded with a certain amount of usage or a plan in which your bill will be discounted greatly would be the ability to use or save money accordingly to better yourself and your future along with benefits for your family or other household members.

Having the technology of a cell phone being available to every individual whether you qualify for a low income plan or not is the assurance that you may be able to make necessary accommodations for events such as doctor appointments, transportation and things of that nature. It also ensures safety to have the ability to make phone calls in case of a fire or medical emergency. It is thought to be believed that many low income or homeless people do not have knowledge about the plans that they could be eligible for. To become eligible you may first have to see if your state qualifys for the accessibility to a low income cell phone and cell phone plan. It is a great advantage to have access to people through wireless connections for many different reasons especially for the financially disadvantaged. It can provide an individual with a sense of security and keep individuals connected with family and loved ones among many other important reasons.

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